Our History

Founded in 1987 as Semoran Baptist Temple, Grace Pointe Church has been a fixture in the Apopka area for nearly 28 years. The church met in a daycare facility before moving to a building on Piedmont-Wekiva Road. In 1997, current Lead Pastor Jason Henderson joined the team as Youth Pastor. Pastor Jason began to shape and mold the DNA of Grace Pointe into what she is today. In the Fall of 2000, the church sold its landlocked property in order to find a home with potential for more growth. Following the resignation of the pastor at this time, Jason was voted in as Lead Pastor in December 2000. Within a month of this, the church purchased 10 acres in Apopka right behind Errol Estates. This is the current location of Grace Pointe Church. Feeling compelled to be patient and wait on God’s timing for the building, Pastor Jason led the church to wait to start the building project. In the Spring of 2009, Pastor Justin (Worship and Generations Pastor) joined the team. Working closely with Pastor Jason, he revamped the worship and creative arts program to match the vision God gave Pastor Jason for Grace Pointe. Pastor Jason’s hard work and patience proved to be very fruitful, and in the Spring of 2010 Grace Pointe Church opened her doors on her new facility, located at 2051 W Lester Road in Apopka. Designed to provide a comfortable space for worship as well as a fun filled home environment for families, Grace Pointe has made every effort to be true to the calling God has placed on her. Through the dedication of the pastors, staff, elders, and volunteers, Grace Pointe will continue to build on the rich history God has given her! It is through this history we can pave the way for a blessed tomorrow.