Early Childhood Birth – 5yrs Old 

A solid foundation is key to developing a godly person. It is our belief that we should begin pouring a love for God into our children from birth. At Grace Pointe, we do this through our Grace Town Ministry. For children from birth to 5 years old, Grace Town is a safe, fun environment for them to grow in Christ. We have fully background checked all of our volunteer Tour Guides in order to provide a stress-free environment for you to leave your children in. As you enter into Grace Town you will see our friendly Tour Guides ready to sign your child in or to get you registered if it is your first time. Registration is simple and does not take make time. You’ll be assigned a Parent Tag that corresponds with your child. This tag will have a number on it which will be displayed on the screen in the auditorium if you are needed. Once you are signed in, your child will begin their journey in Grace Town.
Through our programs, children experience worship suited for their age, crafts, snacks, and teachings designed to get children interested in God. In our Jubilee Zoo designed for infants to crawlers, we spend time with the children in developing social skills by enjoying playtime with other babies. Our older toddlers and children rotate through our other three rooms to keep their interest and keep things flowing. The goal of Grace Town is to set the standard and foundation for our children to grow into godly men and women. This focus on worship and teaching is carried throughout all of our Generations Ministries.