What About My Kids

We are so grateful that you have considered bringing your children to worship with us! At Grace Pointe we believe strongly in the family and love kids of all ages! During our Sunday services we have a number of options available for your children. Whether you have newborns or youth, there is something here for everyone!
For children from birth to 5 years old we have Grace Town. (Feel free to check out the Grace Town page for more detailed information) As you enter through our main entrance, take the left hallway. Go to the end of the short hall and make a right. Once you make that turn you will be in the Grace Town City Limits Population: Fun Thousand! The Sign-In process is fairly simple and painless. Your child will be given a tag and you the corresponding tag. You will simply have to fill out a security information sheet and you will be ready to go. If there are any special instructions (allergies, special needs, etc.) please notify one of the Tour Guides at the Sign-In desk.
If you have children 6 years old to 5th grade, you will be headed to Grace Track. (Check out the Grace Track page for details and information) When you enter in our main entrance, just turn right. Before you walk into our Grace Cafe, make a left. At the end of this hall you will meet at the starting line for an adventure in Grace Track! As with our other children’s ministries, the Sign-In process is simple. You will receive a tag that corresponds with your child’s lanyard. Fill out one of the security information sheets and its time to rev it up and go. Please make sure any special instructions (allergies, special needs, etc) are brought to the attention of one of the Pit Crew before you leave.
We completely understand if you would like for your children to worship with you! They are more than welcome in the main auditorium, however we do ask that if they become distracted or are distracting others from the service that you allow them to experience one of the amazing ministries listed above. If not, we also have a video and audio feed flowing into our Grace Cafe. If you are a nursing mother, please take advantage of our Jubilee Zoo (Yellow Room) located in Grace Town. There is a video feed to continue watching the sermon as you nurse. Thank you again! Our hope is your visit is incredible and we look forward to getting to know your family!